Designing icu among all, new post for IH-CU Project

Now you can read our new blog post for medical IH-CU Project: Humanizing the intensive care



When we realize a new project we were seated the client, we make a lot of questions to find out what you want, how you live and what you need based on all the information we make a personalized project for the client.

We have wanted to do this exercise applied to the UCI to find out what is needed and how we can improve them, to obtain information as complete as possible have asked the same questions to all people who are part of this unit: Dr. Vicente Gómez-Tello and nurse Laura Diaz to the ex-patient of ICU Jose Luis Diaz and Manuel Lopez as spokesman for the family.

It was very interesting to discover that all of them being in very different positions ask the same things, the needs are the same for everyone.

Here are all the links so that you can read them









We hope this is the beginning of change, if you have suggestions, let us know!


Mónica Ferrero, interior designer in:

lab in action

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