Lab In Action – Lo Mas De La Semana 10

The most of the week 10

Week 26 – From the 26th to the 30th of June 2017

Hello! I present to you my selection this week


Lab In Action - Lo mas de la semana 10


I suppose you already know where you are going on vacation this summer, if you choose the hotel you are looking for the latest in interior design the Hotel Sereno on Lake Como will be the place to be. Designed by patricia Urquiola where it combines classic construction with a contemporary design.

And to give a sophisticated touch to your terrace this summer I recommend this set of 3 auxiliary tables is going to be an indispensable element in our terraces this summer! And the Want-it apply, which I love!
A flawless style fit for the outside, is Delta Light


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Mónica Ferrero, interior designer at


lab in action



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