Lab In Action – Lo + De La Semana

The most of the week 12

Week 29 – From the 17 th to the 23 th of July 2017

Hello! I present to you my selection this week


Lab In Action - Lo + de la semana



Although the heat wave is sending, there is nothing better than a cool pole and if you are a craftsman, much better! Like the poles Lolo that limit the production to the fruit of season and are realized artisan by hand every day. They feel like trying them all!
This basketball court aims to explore the relationship between sport, art and culture. The design was inspired by Rome, Greece, the Olympic Games and the circus. Designed by Ill-Studio with the fashion brand Pigalle and the support of Nike. You can find it in Paris.
If you are looking for a different hook or clamp, these bears will love it!
They support 300 gr, 9 times their weight! Designed by Xivestory Design


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Monica Ferrero, interior designer at


lab in action





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