Lab In Action – Lo + De La Semana 14

The most of the week 14

From July 31 to August 6, 2017
Hello! I present to you my selection this week


Lab In Action - Lo + de la semana 14



The DIY moment can be very cool with this rhino-shaped hammer! If you are going to enjoy the holidays to catch up with pending issues. These hammers besides being a chulada have a magnetic extendable handle and also look great on your work table!

Caillard invites us to rediscover and question our social environment with humor. “Caesar” is the work of Leo Caillard at the Louvre, the superposition of works of art, technology and imagination, combining the new with the historical.

Although we are in the middle of summer, I love going to stores and looking at autumn clothes, it happens to me every summer and this Dolce & Gabbana cashmere sweater has made me fall in love!

I love the lamps of such clean lines! Float is reminiscent of Hollywood glamor with its proportions and materials: colored glass and brass. Less is more!


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