Lo + De La Semana – 15

The most of the week 15

Week from 14 to 20 August 2017

Hello! I present to you my selection of this week:



Lo + de la semana - 15



We are in mid-August and we have to hurry to the fullest summer and is there something better to do it than going all day in flip-flops?

To go to the pool or the beach during the day I propose these rubber sandals from Miu Miu inspired by the seas and oceans of the planet and for the night these mules of satin of Rochas in a pink tone, a must since this autumn, Is going to see a lot of pink!

And for when you feel like going barefoot, this kilim can be the most pleasant! I love their tones and their geometric designs.

Speaking of geometric designs, have you seen how the colorful geometric mosaics in the pools remain? A simple design with four or five colors, can give a current and renewed look to a pool. If you have to give a return to your pool next year, remember this idea!


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