Lo + De La Semana – 16

The most of the week 16

21 to 27 August 2017
Hello! I present to you my selection this week


Lo + de la semana - 16



Those who know me know this, my favorite plants are the suckers and the cactus. Not only because when you finish an interior is death in the photo. For the photos of the interiors (props) I use fresh flowers, in fact I would like that in my house there would be more flowers but for lack of time, etc … it is not possible.

But what if, never lack, neither in interior nor in exterior, are the coarse and the cactus. you know why? Because they look really attractive to me, I love their morphology and those fleshy leaves or arms. They are also very practical, always green and very suffering, you can go on vacation that when you return have not wilted. Always perfect!

And Cartier, home that I adore, goes and gives me in my weakness, has created the Cactus collection.

My favorite plant + Cartier design + gold = I like them all !!!

It is a really beautiful collection, with a fantastic design, sure to be a collection that will become a classic of the house.

The nature´s motives are total trend, fashion, jewelry, interior design, graphic design, textiles … So you know, in one way or another, put a cactus in your life!


Next week +

Best regards,

Monica Ferrero, interior designer in


lab in action

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