Lab In Action – Lo Mas De La Semana 18

The most of the week 18

From 4 to 10 September 2017
Hello! I present to you my selection this week


Lab In Action - Lo mas de la semana 18



I can not deny it, going back to school fascinates me since I was a little girl, especially when I had to go and buy school supplies: pencils, notebooks, cases, backpacks, pens … I can still smell the smell again!

I have always loved stationery and discovered paradise when I studied interior design, I spent my life in Sancer (a technical stationery in Madrid) I always had something to buy: paper sketch sepia (yes, it was that in Sancer had it in white or sepia and sepia I liked very much) paper for projects, watercolors, markers, brushes, pastels …

Every September I love going to the stationery and shopping centers, I really enjoy seeing the great variety that exists, the pack of markers or paintings perfectly placed by color … and I always buy something, of course!

We are beginning to take great care of the design and aesthetics in this sector, something that is very pleasing to those who also look for something more, a good design. There are many brands, shops online, etc. which are betting on it, small editions with good design. That is why “Weekly +” this week (worth the redundancy) is dedicated to stationery. And these are my proposals:

– Organizers for the desk, for order maniacs like me it is a must. This is called Gather, composed of a series of modules for each person to suit their needs, designed by Jeff Sheldon.

– The marble is a trend in interior design and is reproducing in an endless number of elements: laptop cases, mobile phone cases … and in notebooks, notebooks and planners like the ones I show you, I’m just in love! if you combine it with a golden pen you will be the most.

– Another trend is the cakes, the one that discounts by far is the rose every time is having more followers. It is phenomenal with marble or in geometric compositions combined with other soft colors.

– And finally something that I always carry with me and that is not missing in my bag, a tiny case. This Urban Outfitters love it! Inside: gel pens, colored markers and my essential tool, a pencil.

You can add baskets of grids that are also the most, clips with cool shapes … and with all this your return to the routine will be my cool!


Next week +

Best regards,

Mónica Ferrero, interior designer in


lab in action

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